Ch. Latour (1.5 L)


WA: Always somewhat atypical (which I suspect will be the case with the more modern day 2003), the 1982 Latour has been the most opulent, flamboyant, and precocious of the northern M¿ªdocs, especially the St.-Juliens, Pauillacs, and St.-Estephes. It hasní»t changed much over the last 10-15 years, revealing sweet tannins as well as extraordinarily decadent, even extravagant levels of fruit, glycerin, and body. It is an amazing wine, and on several occasions, I have actually picked it as a right bank Pomerol because of the lushness and succulence of the cedary, blackberry, black currant fruit. This vintage has always tasted great, even in its youth, and revealed a precociousness that one does not associate with this Chateau. However, the 1982 is still evolving at a glacial pace. The concentration remains remarkable, and the wine is a full-bodied, exuberant, rich, classic Pauillac in its aromatic and flavor profiles. Ití»s just juiced up (similar to an athlete on steroids) and is all the better for it. This remar

Product Information

Size: 1.5

Vintage: 1982

WA / RP: 100

NM: 100

WS: 98

BH: 0

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