Charmes Chambertin (Collection Bellenum) (0.75 L)


Nicolas POTEL has been interested in wines from old vintages for a long time, that is the reason why he decided to develop a new range of wines: the Bellenum Collection. This collection aims to offer exceptional wines at an affordable price. Nicolas POTEL selected the best crus and cuvées among more than 2 500 tasted wines. This unique collection provides wine enthusiasts with the best wines and the most famous Burgundy appellations from 1959 to 2006.These special bottles are packed in wooden case. They also have a back label that indicates their withdrawal date from the cellar in order to follow the best ageing conditions. The Bellenum Collection highlights the development stages of a vintage and the diversity of the Burgundy terroirs.

Product Information

Size: 0.75

Vintage: 2008

WA / RP: 0

NM: 0

WS: 0

BH: 0

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