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L’or du paradis

L’or du paradis

2 October, 2018

Connoisseur Wines and Spirits (HK) Ltd was established in 1991 with the ultimate objective of bringing a variety of quality wines to an increasing population of enthusiastic and discerning wine consumers.

Our major customers mainly comprise individual wine enthusiasts, local and Mainland China entrepreneurs, reputable international corporations, as well as most leading hotels, prestigious private clubs, high end specialty stores, and a diversified range of restaurants.

More importantly, it provides ample opportunities to gradually develop mutual trust and thus long-term and personal relationships with various customers through professional communication, theme-orientated or sometimes casual tastings, together with various marketing promotions of different scale and nature.

We currently have a strategic wine portfolio of the most elite wineries from various wine producing regions including M. Chapoutier from Rhone Valley, Maison Joseph Drouhin, Domaine Joblot, Domaine Mongeard Mugneret from Burgundy, Champagne Philipponnat and Champagne Pommery, Cognac Lheraud of which we proudly act as their sole agent in Hong Kong. We are also very pleased to be appointed to be the authorized dealer from the Chateau Petrus (Pomerol).