Domaine Joblot

The perfect balance between the purity and concentration with an extreme finesse

Domaine Joblot is Givry’s best estate. One of the reasons must be the controlled harvest: 35-42hl/ha in average. The second must be the age of the vines: many old vines up to 40 years old. And the most important reason comes from the extremely talent wine maker: Mr Jean Marc and Vncent Joblot followed by Juliette (Jean-Marc’s daughter) in 2012.

In the vineyard, Jean Marc does not use chemical products since 1978; he called his vineyard “my garden”.

In general Joblot is the first domain to harvest in Givry, in order to maintain adequate levels of natural acidity. Since Joblot’s work in the vineyard always ensures moderate yields, his grapes achieve physiological ripeness earlier than most, providing him with the luxury of setting early harvest date.

In the cellar, Jean Marc is one of the few persons to use big horizontal tank specially made to eliminate the skins and pips which give the astringency to wines.

High level of regularity, Domaine Joblot is the ambassador of Givry for more than 30 years!

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