L’Ermite (white) (1.5 L)


WA:Completing a trifecta of perfect whites, the 2013 Ermitage lí»Ermite Blanc is another sensational effort that offers incredible minerality/liquid rock in its pineapple, tangerine, flower oil, mint and caramelized citrus-driven bouquet. Full-bodied and beautiful on the palate, with more tension and focus than the Cuvee de Lí»Or¿ªe or le Meal, it has perfectly balanced richness, structure and freshness, with no hard edges and a blockbuster finish. It won’t be accessible for another 3-4 years and will most likely be immortal in the cellar.

Product Information

Size: 1.5

Vintage: 2013

WA / RP: 100

NM: 0

WS: 98

BH: 0

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